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Step 1: Free Phone or Video Consultation

Ready for a design change, but not sure where to start? We offer a FREE 20-minute telephone or video consultation with the owner of KE Interior Solutions (KEIS), Donna McMahon, to see if your design goals and our services are well-matched. Whether you’re looking for a design plan, project management, or you’re a DIY’er and only need plans or assistance with material selections, Donna will guide you through the next steps in your project. This time together allows everyone to get a solid idea of your budget, timeline, and overall design goals.

Laptop and Phone
Family Viewing House

Step 2: On-site Consultation and Proposal

After your complimentary consultation with us, we recommend scheduling a one-hour consultation with Donna at the site of your project. We’ll dive right in and discuss design concepts, construction complexities, materials and products to consider, and your budget. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to get solid advice for reworking your space. We’ll review KEIS’s offerings with you to determine which services could best meet your needs. 


Not all design projects are created equally, and we’ll structure a unique plan exclusively for your project. Based on the consultation and our discussions, we’ll present a contract proposal that will fully outline all aspects of your design project and pricing for your approval. We’re always candid about our pricing and what services work best for your project. You’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision about how to proceed. 


*Extended consultations and day rates are also available. 

*Travel fees may apply.

Design Plan

This service is for DIY’ers or for those who have their own remodeling team, but need an in-depth design plan everyone can work with. With a Design Plan, you now have the freedom to choose your own contractor, pull permits with your local building department, and get competitive bids for labor and materials. Whether you’re working with a contractor or doing it yourself, having professional plans enable every aspect of your project to proceed with ease. During this crucial planning phase, we begin with the current as-built status of your space. From there, we’ll complete a thorough site review to take measurements, photographs, and define an initial scope of work. Approximately 30 days after the site review, we’ll present you with a budget proposal and two to three initial schematic design options in Plan Format. Once you’ve finalized the plan, we’ll create a final floor plan in Plan Format, Elevation Format and 3D Format for easy visualization of the new space. 

Granite surfaces

Designer By The Day

This service is for those who have a floor plan (either by KEIS or another designer) and need assistance with the many decisions required for materials selection. Maybe you want out with the old and in with the new or you only want to supplement some of the materials you already have in your space. We’ll visit showrooms with you to choose materials and gather samples, providing recommendations based on years of experience in design. Depending on your time and the project, we can also research and provide samples and full specifications for materials for your review. We’ll always have your budget in mind as we advise you and substitutions are typically available, so there’s no worry that you won’t find something you like that fits your budget. Once all materials are selected, we’ll provide a complete list of all of your selections and you’ll be ready to work with your contractor or on your own to order and install materials.  

Tile Design

A beautiful tile design will enhance any room, but especially the bathroom and kitchen. At KEIS, we see tile as an art form that can transform an ordinary room into a place of beauty and delight for years to come. We bring passion and experience to designing your tile selections to align with other materials you’re using or as the starting point for your design. Once we know your style preferences we’ll offer two individually-priced tile solution packages that work with your budget. This service can be purchased separately if tile design and selection is your only requirement, or in conjunction with the material selection service. 

KEIS Tile.jpg
Floor Installation

Project Coordination

For those who already have a design plan from KEIS and a contractor, we also offer project coordination. (We also have several Contractors we work with whom we can highly recommend if you don’t have your own.) We’ll coordinate all material selection aspects with the project schedule—from showroom visits to installation, including key site visits during the installation phase to ensure the materials align with the interior plan. You’ll be given access to an online and easy-to-use project portal where you’ll be able to view material selections, pricing and scheduling details, thus ensuring your goals are met at every point of the project.

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