Kitchen Services

Design & Planning · Finish selections · Tile design · Space planning · Sharing local resources for tiles · Plumbing fixtures · Unique countertop solutions · Lighting · These details are what help pull a project together so that it moves towards completion for your perfect vision.

Bath Services

Design & Planning · Finish selections · Tile design · Sharing local resources for tiles · Plumbing fixtures · Unique countertop solutions · Lighting · Concierge Closet Service · Bath remodels are incredibly complicated. The biggest surprise is the cost, but there are tricks to keeping costs down.

Planning Services

If you are looking for a plan - which is where all phases of any remodel should begin, KEIS can supply those drawings for you. The plans share the current as-built status of your space. From there new plans are created. The details can be used if pulling permits with your local building department. The plans allow you to also present to contractors if that is part of the process you want to have more control over, and lastly, they also supply the information you would need to get competitive bids for labor, flooring, cabinets, countertops etc. Your professional plans will lead you to the answer you need.

Selection Services

If you just want to change out tile or countertop or even just change color in a room... These are services we can assist with. Call to find out more how this service can fit your needs.

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